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This collection houses translations I, Than Grove, have done over the years in my personal study of Buddhism. The subcollections represent my individual topics of interest. Most of the translations were done from Tibetan, but I hope to post some from Sanskrit as well. All translations are my own, and so should be considered rough drafts. Though they may have been polished to varing degrees, they have not been reviewed by any others. Nor have I been able to query Tibetan-speaking experts for clarification of the stickier passages. Nonetheless, I feel the translations are accurate enough to post them in this dusty corner of the internet for review by any who might so be inclined. Enjoy!

Texts in this collection

The list below includes texts from this Collection’s Subcollections.

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This is a translation of the Tibetan text of Āryadeva’s text ལག་པའི་ཚད་ and it’s autocommentary. The main edition of the text used is from the Degé Tengyur, though other Tibetan editions are listed in the bibliography. The translation is a rough draft.