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Collection (January 2017)
This collection contains essays on various genres of oral traditions in Bhutan, as well as other cultural subjects....
Collection (September 2016)
This is a collection of papers and other writings related to UVa's Contemplative Sciences Center. The mission of...
Collection (September 2018)
This is the primary Collection in which sub-collections are to be created for the Contemplative University. 
Collection (May 2018)
Collection (August 2018)
These texts were texts native to, i.e. originally written in, Kmaps Places. They were exported as XML and imported into...
Collection (October 2016)
Source materials for the study of Mayan culture.
Collection (July 2017)
Lesson plans for teaching students to read and write poetry. 
Collection (March 2016)
Various texts imported from the Tibetan and Himalayan Library. These include, among others, Tibetan books on Tibetan...